Friday, 30 August 2013

Maybelline Baby Lips

So the maybelline baby lips' have finally made their way from over the pond to the UK,and it seems that the wait was most definitely too long for most people,as the normal thing to do seems to be buying every single shade. However I settled upon just one for now,and as the stereotypical girl I am, I went for the pink one.

I have to say there has been a lot of strongly voiced opinions regarding the plastic packaging,but I for one can't get enough of the brightly coloured tubes. Personally I find them really sturdy and well-made as well as being eye catching and able to brighten up my makeup bag with no effort at all.

I had heard a lot about these 'moisturising lip balms with a hint of colour' and their adventurous claims of baby soft lips and a visibly renewed pout,so it goes without saying that I couldn't contain my excitement when I had the chance to get my hands on the lovely 'pink punch'. I have been very pleasantly surprised with the 8 hour staying power of not only the moisture my lips have been benefitting from, but also the buildable colour which doesn't budge,much to my glee.

I would definitely recommend you try out one or many of these moisturising lip balms especially at the competitive price of only £2.99. You get a surprisingly large amount of product for anybody's standards,but at this price with the fairly wide colour range these are all the more appealing.

You can find them at Boots and Superdrug.
(To my knowledge Boots is currently having a 3 for 2 offer.)

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