Thursday, 14 August 2014



A while ago now I purchased this stunning metallic mini purse as I had seen it being sold online at ASOS. As you all know ASOS' free worldwide delivery can be tempting at the best of times, but when I saw the price of this lovely purse at just £5.00 I couldn't resist.

( River Island Mini Purse - RIVER ISLAND )

This exact style/colour is not sold anymore however when I have visited River Island stores previously I have spotted pastel blue's and pink's, so just keep your eyes peeled. I have found a few online that you may be interested in - Cream Textured Mini Purse, Black Snake Mini Purse and Black Textured Geometric Print Purse all for the same astonishing price of just £5.00.

The purse is so small and can easily fit into any bag as it isn't very bulky at all. However as you can see from the photograph below it does have plenty of room for safe secure storage. It has two main pockets, each of those including more than enough space for one bank/credit card.

Lots of love 
Alice xxxxx


  1. Aww, that's very cute, the silver/metallic sheen means it goes with almost everything!

    Rhiannon Talks - Fashion Blog


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