Wednesday, 8 July 2015


I have been using ENVIRON skincare products since last April when I had attended a skin consultation with an ENVIRON specialist, where my skin was closely assessed and products were recommended for me that would have a longterm positive impact. The products recommended for me have all worked together to improve my skin insuring it's as healthy and well-nourished as possible, and I have repurchased each product multiple times and will continue to do so. I am pleased with the skincare routine that I consistently stick too. and want to share my experiences and thoughts on these lovely products with you all today, as ENVIRON is not widely advertised and I rarely hear it being spoken of.

❤️  (ENVIRON Sebuwash - HERE)  ❤️

AM : I squeeze a 10 pence amount of the product onto two cotton pads and gently massage onto my face that has been lightly splashed with warm water, followed by patting my skin dry with a clean towel.

PM : I use a total of 6 cotton wool pads to remove my makeup completely, 3 contain a 10 pence amount of Sebuwash which is spread onto the remaining 3 cotton pads, as I use 2 at a time. Again, I firstly make sure to splash my face with warm water as the cleanser foams nicely using this method. I then dry my face with a clean towel and dispose of the cotton wool pads.

❤️  (ENVIRON Sebumasque - HERE )  ❤️

PM : 2-3 times a week I apply Sebumasque evenly over my face for 10-20 minutes. Following this I remove the mask with warm water and a cotton wool pad of Sebuwash before continuing on with the rest of my skin care routine.

❤️  (ENVIRON Sebutone - HERE)  ❤️

AM / PM : After I have cleansed my skin I pour 3-4 drops of Sebutone onto a cotton pad before applying it to my face avoiding my eye area.

❤️  (ENVIRON AVST 4 - HERE )  ❤️

AM/PM : After toning, I use 2 pumps of my AVST 4 Moisturiser to my face and neck to hydrate and nourish my skin.

❤️  (CARMEX Lip Balm - HERE  )  ❤️

PM : After I have moisturised my skin I apply a light coat of CARMEX to my lips and eyelashes to encourage them to grow and stay healthy.

Have you used any products mentioned in this post?


❤️ ALICE ❤️


  1. I've never heard of this brand, I will have to look for it!

    Kat ♥

  2. I've never heard of this brand, I will have to look for it!

    Kat ♥

    1. You definitely should, it's not really stocked on the high street!xx


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